Young Riders of the Hungarian National Team in the First Four Places in the Count István Széchenyi Grand Prix

The featured event of the Count István Széchenyi Memorial was the Grand Prix in two rounds.

Forty-four riders qualified for the 145-cm event, which was also the final of the Gold Tour. After the first round, the top eleven riders, including eight Hungarians, continued competing in the second round. The course was quite difficult as, in addition to the all-important prize money, riders could collect qualification points for the Longines World Championship. The course was a real challenge and many horse and rider pairs had to give up the competition and the public had to wait until the tenth starter to see a clear round.

In the first round, seven riders – István Máté Jnr., Vince Jármy, Virág Weinhardt, Andreas Brenner, Aliz Alasztics, Fritz Kogelnig Jnr. and Tamás Dömse – rode clear, while the other riders collected one or four penalty points.

The Hungarian young riders’ national team made a sensational performance, as all four finished with double clear rounds, taking the first four places in this premium prized, adult Grand Prix for World Ranking points. The winning pair was the gold medallist of the Kishunhalas GP, Tamás Dömse and Conquistador, ahead of multiple Young riders’ Grand Prix winner Aliz Alasztics on Concordia HB.

Third place went to Vince Jármy, silver medallist at the 2018 Youth Olympics, followed by Virág Weinhardt, winner of the Budapest World Cup.

Gyula Szuhai finished fifth with only a time penalty, while German Steffen Hauter closed sixth.

  • Dömse Tamás – Conquistador: 0/56,13
  • Alasztics Aliz – Concordia HB: 0/57,52
  • Jármy Vince – JB Koronaőr: 0/59,21
  • Weinhardt Virág – Equest Cha Cha: 0/63,86
  • Szuhai Gyula – Lawisangos: 2/65,37
  • Steffen Huter – Kikiwaka: 4/60,31
  • Horváth Balázs – PM Baloustar: 6/66,75
  • Fritz Kogelnig Jun – BG Ziro Percent: 8/55,75
  • Andreas Brenner – Samba De La Magnifica: 8/58,35
  • Ifj. Máté István – Sanghata: 8/62,66
  • Varga Balázs – Justice: 12/61,58

Another Victory for Szuhai Family – Gyula Szuhai Jnr. Best U25

The penultimate event of the Count István Széchenyi Memorial was the final of the 135cm U25 competition against the clock.
Only a few riders delivered clear rounds due to a difficult parkour fitting a final. For a longer period, the first starting Czech, Tina Larysova, was in the lead with a time of 65.47 seconds, but 14-year-old Gyula Szuhai Jnr. rode more than a second faster. So, after his brother, he also won a gold medal.

Virág Budai finished third on Don’t Forget Galante, ahead of young riders Dalma Mercédesz Ferencz, Péter Osztovits, and Adél Dóra Hegedűs.

Sára Szabó-Máriás closed eight after the fastest time with four penalty points.

Rodrigo Szuhai Wins Bronze Tour Final

The last day of the Count István Széchenyi Memorial continued with the final of the Bronze Tour. In the 125cm competition against the clock, designed by László Karádi, 58 riders lined up at the starting line and the places were decided after a highly exciting competition.

Only 12 years old, Rodrigo Szuhai has participated in the Silver Tour before, even capturing a second place, but according to international rules he can only compete up to 130cm, so this time he could only do so in the Bronze Tour’s final. Despite his age, the already experienced rider took the victory in the saddle of Chacco Boy after a confident clear round in a field of adult riders.

Yesterday’s winning pair, Vilmos Göttler and Jégvirág, finished second in the final, ahead of Loren Lukács, Péter Szuhai, and Eva Bohák-Debreczeni, the rider reaching the podium in the previous three days.

Szabolcs Krucsó’s Vroom De La Pomme Z Best Young Horse

The last day of the 30th edition of the Count István Széchenyi Memorial started with the final of the 6-7 year old horses, where 30 rides competed. Nine of them, mostly representing the older age group, made it to the final. Three horses completed the three previous days with clear rounds, so as expected they jumped the best in the final.

Szabolcs Krucsó on Vroom De La Pomme Z took the gold podium, ahead of István Máté Jnr. on Chacco Sz, owned by Gábor Szombati.

Third place went to Austrian Fritz Kogelnig Jnr. int he saddle of 6-year-old Utopie, followed by Gyula Zárug on Cold Blue Boy and Ádám Faluhelyi on Cordis. Also with a clear round in the jump-off, Virág Weinhardt finished in sixth on London’s Chagana, ahead of Eliza Szigeti and Máté Lehotai.

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