Kovács Roland Winner of the 120cm Small Tour

Overcast and rainy weather greeted the 40 riders of the VIP Tour on Friday morning. Twenty-one riders completed the 110cm course designed by László Karádi without any faults. Of them Thursday’s winner, Sebestyén Tóth on Claudius proved the fastest, winning the event.

Sebestyén Tóth - Claudius
Sebestyén Tóth – Claudius

Eszter Dóra Barnák on Papillon Van’T Janshof finished second, followed by Alma Arató on Timpex Gala in third.

Eszter Dóra Barnák - Papillon Van'T Janshof
Eszter Dóra Barnák – Papillon Van’T Janshof
Alma Arató - Timpex Gala
Alma Arató – Timpex Gala

The remaining places went to Mercédesz Bajkó on Nekton Calido, Barbara Bandi on Solyomszem Csacsacsa and Nader Najari on Carte Noire. Mrs. Kun, Alexandra Fekete congratulated the riders.

The five-year-old horses played the leading role in the second, two-phase competition of the day. There was a change of places in the lead compared to Thursday with the first place going to Péter Szuhai in the saddle of Orald Field (Emerald Van’T Ruytershof x Arezzo) and yesterday’s victor Balázs Csuka on Timpex President.

Péter Szuhai - Orald Field
Péter Szuhai – Orald Field
Balázs Csuka - Timpex President
Balázs Csuka – Timpex President

Slovak Zak Michal on Cupido-K Van Kattenheye Z successfully kept third place.

Zak Michal - Cupido-K Van Kattenheye Z
Zak Michal – Cupido-K Van Kattenheye Z

Other runners-up were Sandra Takács on Oscar, Ágnes Ács-Heibl on Jazz des Forets, and Andrija Hrgovic on Chase Eq Z.

In the first round of the 120cm Small Tour, the riders had to overcome 11 obstacles with two combinations on the 490-meter-long course. Of the 42 competitors, 17 horse and rider pairs managed to complete the track clear. Roland Kovács on Cornettaga PS scored the fastest time, taking another victory after their Thursday success.

Roland Kovács - Cornettaga PS
Roland Kovács – Cornettaga PS

Zsanett Bandi and Quinadore did not have to wait long for repeat celebration at this year’s Count István Széchenyi Memorial, this time finishing second.

Zsanett Bandi - Quinadore
Zsanett Bandi – Quinadore

Third place went to Sonja Eliza Hack in the saddle of Pamela V. Wichenstein.

Sonja Eliza Hack - Pamela V. Wichenstein
Sonja Eliza Hack – Pamela V. Wichenstein

The runners-up were Noémi Kovács on Calinka de Bognar, Anna Janik on Chacezza Girl PS, and Rubina Szaszák on Radihaza Henna.

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Photo: CSIO Budapest / Krisztina Hajdu

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