Thrilling Victory for the Szuhais in the Young Horses Category

A resounding Szuhai success occurred in the competition of the 6- and 7-year-old horses, presented by Szuhai Sporthorses. In the 125/130cm event, 52 riders formed the largest field of the tournament. The first two places went to Gyula Szuhai, Jnr. on Diarcha SZ (Diaron × Chacco-Blue) and on Chasa Lady SZ (Exelero 2 × Lasangos 2).

Gyula Szuhai, Jnr.
Gyula Szuhai, Jnr.

Péter Szuhai completed the podium, finishing third on Chacco Chau Psz.

Péter Szuhai - Chacco Chau Psz
Péter Szuhai – Chacco Chau Psz

Slovakian horse and rider pair Juraj Krivjansky and Mireya took fourth place, followed by András Kövy, Jnr. on Manitu 88, and Zoltán Patrik Buza on Virginia R.

The Hungarian Ministerial Commissioner Gyula Dallos congratulated the riders as well.

No surprises in the final of the five-year-olds and no changes on the podium after yesterday. The first place went to Balázs Csuka on his Hungarian-bred Timpex President (Cornet Obolensky × Kannan).

Balázs Csuka - Timpex President
Balázs Csuka – Timpex President

Péter Szuhai in the saddle of Orald Field (Emerald Van’T Ruytershof × Arezzo) repeated second place.

Péter Szuhai - Orald Field
Péter Szuhai – Orald Field

Slovak Michal Zak on the gelding Cupido-K Van Kattenheye Z secured the bronze podium for the third time.

Michal Zak - Cupido-K Van Kattenheye Z
Michal Zak – Cupido-K Van Kattenheye Z

The names of the runners-up remained the same as well. Sandra Takacs on Oscar closed fourth, Ágnes Ács-Heibl on Jazz des Forets fifth, and Andrija Hrgovic on Chase Eq Z sixth.

The contest of the five-year-olds was presented by Paul Schockemöhle and the winner also returned home with a special prize from Premium Horse Feeds. Melinda Schlezák congratulated the placed riders.

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Photo: CSIO Budapest / Krisztina Hajdu

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