No Széchenyi Memorial Without Winning Gábor Szabó, Jnr.

The Count István Széchenyi Memorial continued with the semi-finals of VIP, Silver and Gold Tour and the first round of 120cm Bronze Tour. Friday’s featured final event turned out to be a real marathon with 61 participants aiming to qualify for Sunday’s Grand Prix.

Kinga Károly Mandula Fastest in Friday’s VIP Tour

In the 110cm VIP Tour, rider and horse pairs placed yesterday finished in the top positions today as well, only the order changed slightly. Kinga Mandula Károly recorded the fastest time, ahead of Zselyke Nagy-Élő placed second again.

Kinga Mandula Károly - G.Zail
Kinga Mandula Károly – G.Zail
Zselyke Nagy-Élő - Mystic
Zselyke Nagy-Élő – Mystic

Only with a small margin did Dorka Nemes on El Coronita capture third position, followed by Virág Szabó and Maja Petes.

Dorka Nemes - El Coronita
Dorka Nemes – El Coronita

Sixth place went to Evelin Krecskovszki on Hárfa.

Gréta Babos Best in Bronze Tour

The first round of the Bronze Tour was won by Gréta Babos on Timpex Inka, who completed the track one second speedier than Péter Osztovits on Quintana and Annamária Zárug.

Gréta Babos - Timpex Inka
Gréta Babos – Timpex Inka
Péter Osztovits - Quintana
Péter Osztovits – Quintana
Annamária Zárug - Firefly
Annamária Zárug – Firefly

Gábor Füzér took fourth place, Zsófia Hermann, a successful rider in the Children’s Division of the Nations Cup, finished fifth and Szabolcs Krucsó on Nordstern sixth.

Emma Mécs Double Winner in U25 Competition

The 130cm U25 competition caused no trouble for young Hungarian talents, and they secured the first five places with lightning-fast performances. Especially, Emma Mécs could be glad as she repeated her excellent ride from the day before and won first place again on PM Chaccera.

Emma Mécs - PM Chaccera
Emma Mécs – PM Chaccera

Lizanna Kiss on Cloé ended second, ahead of Anna Janik, Boglárka Bosits and Kornélia Jakab-Tóth.

Lizanna Kiss - Cloé
Lizanna Kiss – Cloé
Anna Janik - Castero
Anna Janik – Castero

Rodrigo Szuhai’s Wide Margin Victory in the Silver Tour

The 130cm Silver Tour, a two-phase contest attracted 35 horse and rider pairs. More than half of the field completed the course without penalty and there were only slight differences among the top rides. The only exception was the youngest member of the Szuhai family, Rodrigo Szuhai, who beat the field by more than two seconds.

Rodrigo Szuhai - Jayjay
Rodrigo Szuhai – Jayjay

Csenge Kata Kisgergely on Bizal VDL finished second, ahead of Andrej Holly from Slovakia.

Csenge Kata Kisgergely - Bizal VDL
Csenge Kata Kisgergely – Bizal VDL
Andrej Holly - Chellano Lady
Andrej Holly – Chellano Lady

Fourth place went to Aliz Alasztics placed yesterday as well, followed by Kristóf Szotyori Nagy on Horze Gym Carlsson, and Gábor Fábiáncsics in the saddle of Convey.

Gábor Szabó Wins Gold Tour’s Semi-final

Friday’s closing event was the second round of the 140cm Gold Tour, the last occasion for riders to qualify for Sunday’s Grand Prix with the highest prize money. Twenty riders finished with a clear round in the most crowded contest of the weekend. The first perfect ride was accomplished by Gábor Szabó, Jnr on Filuchi. The pair was not only precise, but quite fast, so they were leading for a long time. Later, several competitors pressured them, and finally Tamás Dömse and Henri Kovács overtook them, pushing the pair to third position. However, Gábor Szabó, Jnr had one more horse left to ride at the end. He took the risk and rode a sensational time, achieving the victory on Chacrinue owned by Gábor Szombati.

Gábor Szabó - Chacrinue
Gábor Szabó – Chacrinue

The last starter of the field, Tamás Mráz, took second place on BN Silver, pushing youth national team member Tamás Dömse into third and Henri Kovács into fourth on his homebred stallion Tambourino.

Tamás Mráz - BN Silver
Tamás Mráz – BN Silver
Tamás Dömse - Conquistador
Tamás Dömse – Conquistador

Zoltán Czékus finished sixth on Carundy.

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Photo: CSIO Budapest / Krisztina Hajdu

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