Annabell Bodnár Best in VIP Tour’s Final

The final of the 115cm VIP Tour presented by Baileys launched Saturday’s program at the Count István Széchenyi Memorial.

It was a special competition as all 46 riders were ladies. In the first round, 19 horse and rider pairs rode perfectly and qualified for a crowded jump-off. As expected, the differences among riders were minor and often only tenths of a second decided on places.

Annabell Bodnár on Comedy Star owned by Gábor Füzér rode the fastest time, ahead of Karina Mira Oláh trained by Zsolt Sárkány.

Annabell Bodnár - Comedy Star
Annabell Bodnár – Comedy Star
Karina Mira Oláh – Tailormade Carembar Blue
Karina Mira Oláh – Tailormade Carembar Blue

Third place went to Lili Pusztai from Cseszterlint Riding Club, followed by Lili Letta Tatai and Virág Ráhel Bölecz. Júlia Szarvas on Avatar closed sixth.

Lili Pusztai – Stakkauer
Lili Pusztai – Stakkauer

Podium Places for Hungarian-breds in the Semi-final of Young Horses Contest

The semi-final of the 125-130cm competition of young horses was presented by Pavo Horse Faerie. Among the six- and seven-year-old horses competing in this event, only Balázs Varga in the saddle of his own-bred stallion Jailbird could complete the course under 70 seconds, taking victory.

Balázs Varga - Jailbird
Balázs Varga – Jailbird

Second place went to Tamás Mráz and to 6-year-old mare Vanda, bred by Ferenc Kondor, followed by Kristóf Hegedűs on Kurszán.

Tamás Mráz - Vanda
Tamás Mráz – Vanda
Kristóf Hegedűs - Kurszán
Kristóf Hegedűs – Kurszán

Roland Kovács finished fourth on Katerina PSZ, Virág Budai finished fifth and sixth on Lady In Red HX and Ecstasy D, respectively.

Máté Berkes Fastest in Bronze Tour

In the semi-final of the 120cm Bronze Tour 57 competitors lined up at the start. In the two-phase competition, Máté Berkes scored the best time and won the semi-final on Messenger Rouge Sz, ahead of Annamária Zárug and Gréta Babos, both finishing on the podium in the first round as well.

Máté Berkes – Messenger Rouge Sz
Máté Berkes – Messenger Rouge Sz
Annamária Zárug – Firefly
Annamária Zárug – Firefly
Gréta Babos – Timpex Inka
Gréta Babos – Timpex Inka

Gábor Füzér finished fourth, Péter Osztovits fifth and Czech Lucie Kumarova sixth.

Live coverage of the competitions can be viewed on the following websites:

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Photo: CSIO Budapest / Krisztina Hajdu

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