Czech Rider Wins the Hungarian Equestrian Federation’s Prize

In the CSIYh 125-130cm competition for young horses presented by Alpenspan 48 horse and riders pairs lined up in front of the spectators. The six-year-olds competed at 125cm and the seven-year-olds at 130cm in two phases run without interruption.

Seven-year-old horses finished at the top of the field. First place went to Tamás Mráz and the grey mare bred by Balázs Nagy by Agropoint Cassiloc. It is a significant improvement after yesterday’s fourth place.

Tamás Mráz - Málna
Tamás Mráz – Málna

Patrik Zoltán Buza took the second place in the saddle of his own mare For Cornettina-ZS by For Feeling.

Patrik Zoltán Buza - For Cornettina-ZS
Patrik Zoltán Buza – For Cornettina-ZS

Czech Marek Klus on Kumano Polt finished third, followed by Angelos Touloupis and Kanthago De Revel.

Marek Klus - Kumano Polt
Marek Klus – Kumano Polt

Two six-year-old horses were also placed, Gábor Szabó, Jnr.’s Genius and Rodrigos Szuhai’s gelding Chacoontano SZ.

Ádám Szotyori Nagy congratulated the riders on behalf of Alpenspan and Pál Abay represented the jury at the prize giving ceremony.

The featured event of the day was the 150cm CSI3* competition presented by the Hungarian Equestrian Federation (MLSZ), where riders could qualify for the Sunday’s Grand Prix. The 33 competitors were put to the test on 13 obstacles with three combinations in the contest with a total prize money of €5,000. The stakes were high, so international course builder Werner Deeg set the bar also high in terms of challenges. The public saw only 11 clear rounds and for some pairs the allowed time was also too short.

At the end, victory went to Czech Jiri Hruska on his bay gelding Phenix van de Noordheuvel.

Jiri Hruska - Phenix van de Noordheuvel
Jiri Hruska – Phenix van de Noordheuvel

Second place was taken by the 2019 Hungarian national champion rider Zsófia Vándor on Quintus.

Zsófia Vándor - Quintus
Zsófia Vándor – Quintus

Palestinian Egor Shchibrik, who previously represented Russia, celebrated a highly successful day finishing third on Emir De Moens Harcour.

Egor Shchibrik - Emir De Moens Harcour
Egor Shchibrik – Emir De Moens Harcour

Péter Szuhai and Corbluecenta completing a clear round, closing fourth.

Home spectators could cheer for seven other local horse and rider duos in this testing competition. András Kövy, Jnr. on Egano Van’t Wingerdhof Z, Roland Kovács on Chachacha 2 and Fanni Debreceni on Givano completed perfect clear courses. Imre Kárándi on Catonel by Catoki, finished only with two time penalties.

The competition will continue on Saturday at 8:30 A.M. with the CSIYh 125-130cm MSLT young horses. Entry is free of charge on all four days.

The main sponsor of the event is Szerencsejáték Zrt.

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Photo: CSIO Budapest / Krisztina Hajdu

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