The Largest Field in the History of the Budapest CSIOs at 1.40m

The total prize money of the CSIO3* 1.40m Medium Tour presented by the Ministry of Defence was originally €2,000, but due to the huge number of entries, it has been doubled.

The event attracted 103 horse and rider pairs never seen in the history of Budapest CSIOs. According to the international jumping competition rules, if more than 100 starters are declared, the competition must be split into two groups and additional prize money should be provided for the additional competition. It also means that both fields award separate winners and podium finishers as it happened in the National Riding Hall this time.

The two victorious riders were Slovenian Urh Bauman on Butterfly Effect and Henri Kovács on Tambourino representing Finland.

Urh Bauman – Butterfly Effect
Urh Bauman – Butterfly Effect
Henri Kovács – Tambourino
Henri Kovács – Tambourino

Henri Kovács, who was the last starter, after a fantastic round also took a second place in the saddle of The Flash by Baloubet du Rouet.

Henri Kovács – The Flash
Henri Kovács – The Flash

The other silver placed competitor was 2019 Hungarian Champion, Zsófia Vándor on Quintus.

Zsófia Vándor - Quintus
Zsófia Vándor – Quintus

The bronze places went to the Austrian Christoph Obernauer on Kleons Jana and the Swiss Adrian Schmid on Cellestial’s Curly.

Christoph Obernauer - Kleons Jana
Christoph Obernauer – Kleons Jana
Adrian Schmid - Cellestial's Curly
Adrian Schmid – Cellestial’s Curly

Jacqueline Schmieder, representative of the jury, Kristóf Szotyori Nagy, Vice President of the Hungarian Equestrian Federation and Colonel István Varga, Commander of the Ferenc Count Nádasdy Hussar Division congratulated the riders.

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Photo: CSIO Budapest / Krisztina Hajdu

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